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Reblocking & Restumping Services

Reblocking is the process of replacing the existing (generally timber stumps) with concrete or steel stumps. Timber stumps have traditionally been used as the support for weatherboard homes, brick veneer homes and for the floors only in a solid brick house.

Often stumps appear solid above ground.

Below the ground you will find the stump is rotten, unstable, and is the major cause for movement.


Underpinning is the process of restoring support to a dwelling that has incurred structural distress often from external influences. Common problem’s these days are caused by drought related changes to the clay foundations. Dry ground shrinks the clay foundation and causes the walls of dwellings to move, this movement causes gaps and cracking in walls.

The walls and floors being the starting point to any good renovation, often means these need to be rectified. Other causes for foundation movement include root systems from nearby trees, wet ground from faulty drainage, or simply insufficient foundations for today's weather conditions.

Cracks in the brickwork of your home is a telling sign that the foundations are failing and often underpinning is required.

Re-Levelling (Lifting and Packing)

A "Lift and Pack" is the process undertaken on dwellings where the stumps are already concrete. This is usually a brick veneer home, although a weatherboard home that has previously been restumped but not re-levelled, also fits into this category. The dwelling shows signs of movement, which may be due to timber shrinkage, brick movement or soil shrinkage.

The procedure of a lift and pack is to first establish the areas which require re-levelling, then lifting the walls and floors using hydraulic jacks. We then pack the gaps between the bearer and the concrete stumps with a structural, non shrink plastic packing system.